Pearl Eagle Massage

Let your senses soar...

Pearl Eagle Massage is currently closed due to Covid-19

Our Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour 40 minutes $100

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

Swedish Massage

1 hour 30 minutes $95

Are you in need of a “Get Away”? Get away from it all? To be recharged? Now you can! For 90 minutes!

Prenatal Massage

1 hour 10 minutes $65

Prenatal massage (2nd trimester and on only) is customized to an expectant mother’s needs but is most often used to promote relaxation.

Not a Minute to Spare! 30 min Massage

30 minutes $35

30 min from start to finish.

Not a Minute to Spare! 60 min Massage

1 hour $65

60 min from start to finish. Swedish/Relaxing or Deep tissue/A focused area.

Retreat Massage

2 hours $120

Are you in need of rest, to be rejuvenated, to breathe again? This is your two hours! Comforting, nurturing massage, with a relax time after the completed massage. Or you design your own Retreat!

Cast to Recovery Participants

1 hour 10 minutesĀ $40

Massages are designed specifically for you, your needs and comfort.The massage time may include time for bolstering, for your comfort.

Veterans/Military Staff Massage

1 hour 30 minutes $40

Thank you for your service to our country! Your choice what type of massage you would like! You pick from the categories listed!

Teachers Massage

1 hour 10 minutes $40

Thank you for your dedication to teaching our children! Your choice of massage! This time belongs to you!

Nap Time Wishes Massage

30 minutes $35

Thats right! Now you can add a 30 min nap after massage session for just $35!

After Thought Massage

20 minutes $25

This is for when after a massage has concluded you wish for more time for scalp massage or hand massage or foot massage. Now you can add on with your regular time massage and receive your “After Thought” choice at the end of your massage!

Students Massage

1 hour 10 minutes $50

Your choice! Pick from the categories listed.